A Mother’s Reassurance


I haven’t posted in awhile because other things have unfortunately taken precedence over my blog. 😦

I received some really good news and it’s helping my dreams become a reality.  In a way, it’s terrifying, but really exciting, because I know it’s something I can do, and do well at. Like I was made for it.


Anyways, do you ever feel like you’re turning into your parent(s)? Like you’re losing your sense of individuality? 

Well, there’s nothing like a mother’s reassurance:




                                                                                              (just realized) 

                                                                         Man alive – I’m turning into my mother!




                                                                      Don’t be scared – it’s worked for me for a long time.













One thought on “A Mother’s Reassurance

  1. So proud of you Isa Boo! You are an amazing young woman and you continue to do amazing things with each new day. You are such an inspiration to all that know you and I am so glad I can call you my daughter and that you call me ‘Mama.” Love you so!

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