Taking A Break

Yesterday, as I was trying to make more progress on Action Screenplay #1, I felt a little frusterated I couldn’t further my story. Like maybe feeling a bit burn out by it – as I research, there’s so many ways I could take the story and so many ramifications that go with each one. So, I took a break, read a couple of scripts online from www.imsdb.com, and was inspired to start putting Action Screenplay #2 in Final Draft. It was SO COOL seeing just the first few pages in REAL script format!!! I know like I know like I know that this is going to be one AWESOME movie!!!

I also began outlining my book with Dramatica – but man alive do I have a long way to go!


Final Draft Demo

Yesterday I downloaded the demo version of Final Draft and found it easier to use than MS Word. I’m starting to get the hang of using Tab and Enter and it’s exciting to see my screenplay take shape, like, Wow! I feel like a professional! Wooohooooo! At the same time, I’m also thinking Um….wow. It’s a lot of work writing a screenplay.” But I’m glad that it’s something I love and am good at. Very motivating! 🙂