Taking A Break

Yesterday, as I was trying to make more progress on Action Screenplay #1, I felt a little frusterated I couldn’t further my story. Like maybe feeling a bit burn out by it – as I research, there’s so many ways I could take the story and so many ramifications that go with each one. So, I took a break, read a couple of scripts online from www.imsdb.com, and was inspired to start putting Action Screenplay #2 in Final Draft. It was SO COOL seeing just the first few pages in REAL script format!!! I know like I know like I know that this is going to be one AWESOME movie!!!

I also began outlining my book with Dramatica – but man alive do I have a long way to go!



I find research to be one of the most fun parts of my creative process. I learn so much and  it’s what makes my story a screenplay.

But at first, I feel a little bit…..torn. That tiny voice in the back of my mind causes a slight internal cringe.  I mean, I’m a good girl. What in the world is a good girl doing researching illegal crimes and their inner workings?!  (I have to admit, though, I find the psychology/ mindset and motivation of criminals’ activities fascinating. It definitely broadens my perspective.)

In the end, I know I’m doing nothing wrong, and any misgivings I may posses immediately vanish at the thought of my excitement and joy of seeing my ideas come to visual life. 😀